The need for proper, balanced nutrition is experiencing as a pregnant woman and her child. Following the 5 key principles to a healthy diet will become easier.

It is not necessary to eat for two. Just need to eat properly, then the expectant mother and her baby will get all the right nutrients.

In order to satisfy appearing during pregnancy, additional requirements, unreasonable to increase the amount of food eaten at a time. So it is possible to get indigestion!

The perfect solution will be a couple of additional healthy snacks. It can be tasty, natural yogurt and a pear or a small piece of cheese and a fresh Apple.

Will be good to have a habit to consume triple the amount of vegetables and fruits per day. Useful to drink fresh citrus juice in the morning, for lunch add a bunch of greens and some fruit and dinner to diversify fresh lettuce and ripe pear.

5 tips on proper diet for pregnant women

In the diet of pregnant women must be sea fish, which is a good source of essential fatty acids and they are necessary for proper brain development of the child.

To prevent the emergence of excess weight, you should try to eliminate from the diet of fatty and very sweet food because of high content of calories in it. Moreover, this food does not contain the right nutrients. She does not have great nutritional value nor for pregnant woman or for her baby.

You need to limit the presence during the day, more snacking. The expectant mother needs about 3 meals a day + 1-2 snacks.

To exclude breakdowns in the diet, the diet must be present products that are rich in starch. Is – beans, potatoes, the availability of cereals in the diet. They will give a long lasting saturation of the organism.

Often a pregnant woman can't eat Breakfast in the morning. In this case, it is permissible to drink 200 ml of fresh juice and Breakfast at work, taking a bit of biscuit, dried fruits. You can eat it all in about 10 o'clock in the morning, when the body gets out of whack.

It happens that a woman does not have time for Breakfast. You can eat a piece of bread with chicken, ham in these products a good amount of protein. Suitable light vegetable salad, dairy products (yogurt, cheese). Good to add for Breakfast fruit.

5 tips on proper diet for pregnant women

Be sure to drink 1.5-2 liters of fluid per day. Choosing a source to quench your thirst between sweet, carbonated and other drinks, preference should be given to regular, clean water. The consumption of beverages, stimulating the nervous system such as tea and coffee, it is better to limit. A pregnant woman can prepare a tasty lemon drink, just by adding a slice of lemon in a glass of water and giving him a little brew.

To enrich the diet in fiber, you can use prunes, grain cereals, almonds, dried apricots.

After all, this is the key to proper nutrition. Eating in the diet of all but a small amount, the body gets all the necessary nutrients.

Of course, weight gain during pregnancy is a natural process. This is an important condition for the proper development of the growing baby. But it is not suitable for diets time. To control the increase of body weight needs a professional doctor. He will tell you adequate weight gain.

The body must get food at least three times a day. Even without experiencing feelings of hunger, a pregnant woman should strictly follow this. The most important of all meals is Breakfast, it is not necessary to forget.

5 tips on proper diet for pregnant women

Adequate fluid intake the body needs for the expectant mother and the baby that is developing inside her. Normal fluid intake and adequate amount of fiber derived from cereal, vegetables, fruits, cereals, cereals, cereals normal drink will allow pregnant to avoid constipation.

If despite advice, the woman decides to diet, it is best to seek help from a professional nutritionist. He will be able to choose the right food regime and to form a rational, necessary habits that will benefit throughout life.

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