5 tips for people who resort to teeth whitening

Many procedure seems very simple and does not require any training. But it is not. Experts believe, without respect of the rules needed happy hue can not be achieved.

It should be remembered that before the cosmetic whitening need to pass professional cleaning of the tooth enamel from plaque and stones. If the cleaning does not pass, all efforts will be in vain whitening. Still needs to cure and to seal the cavity.

Dentists a few weeks before whitening is recommended for patients to take mineral supplements and clean teeth enamel strengthening toothpaste. Also should give up staining foods for several days before the procedure. Dye effect has a black and green tea, beets, red wine, coffee, colored drinks.

It is important to observe the "clear" diet for seven days after bleaching. The fact that the dyes easily penetrate into the enamel, past the cleaning procedure. If you are a smoker, the habit should be abandoned. Smoking just a few months will return to the original color of the teeth.

Not recommended to whiten teeth for children under 16 years. Enamel they are still evolving. Pregnant and lactating women, the procedure should also be abandoned, because the baby takes most of mineral substances, and bleaching is the load on the tooth enamel, consisting entirely of inorganic substances.

Tooth decay is another contraindication. First treatment, then - correction of the appearance of the mouth. If you change the bite and installed the braces to whiten teeth is not worth it.

At high tooth sensitivity to hot, cold, sweet and sour you should consider the whitening procedure. There is a high probability that the sensitivity after the procedure several times will increase, and any meal will cause unbearable pain. This effect can persist for months. Then sensitivity returns to the original level.

The whitening procedure can take place in the office of a dentist, and yourself, buying all the necessary equipment and drugs. While there are differences in the effect of time spent whitening between professional and Amateur.

Whitening in the dentist's office is usually more aggressive. Used active gels with a high content of urea and hydrogen peroxide. Homemade gels contain about 3-5 times less active ingredients. As a result, the whitening takes much more time.

Dentists before choosing a method recommend to pass inspection and to consult with a specialist in the field of oral hygiene. Before applying the gel it is better to show it to the dentist to avoid serious complications: tooth sensitivity to damage to the enamel.

Note that even in the case of professional whitening, the doctor cannot guarantee of achieving hundred percent result. A lot depends on the enamel structure and other characteristics of the organism.

The main advantage of at-home bleaching – its price. Usually the cost of a home gels two to three times less than the price for a trip to the hygienist. Another home whitening is more gentle.

Decide for home whitening should strictly follow all the recommendations. Within a few weeks you need to wear the tray with gel. If Pro is periodically to forget that any cosmetic effect to achieve will not work.

Undisciplined people doctors advise to seek help from a dentist. So the result will cost a large sum, but it will be more guarantee of success.

Folk remedies for whitening. If they are effective?

The most well-known folk ways of teeth whitening do not work. Moreover, they are dangerous to the health of the enamel. Dental gels act on the layer located directly over hard enamel. Folk remedies do not penetrate him, but only injure the hard layer.

There is a relatively innocuous means. Others, such as baking soda, is extremely dangerous.

Sometimes the teeth become lighter after you do folk remedies. However, the effect of the same soda is brief, and after damage to the enamel plaque sticks to the teeth even faster. The result is a couple of months you will get absolutely opposite effect.

Instead of experiments, experts advise to use proven tools: toothpaste, dental floss and toothbrush with mouthwash. Regular cleaning with the traditional method two or three times a day will get rid of large particles of plaque.

Yes, hydrogen peroxide is included with gels to whiten. However, this substance in the gel is not more than 10%. Doctors warn that the pure peroxide can burn the mucous membrane of the oral cavity and cause the body great harm. Experts advise not to use the applications of lemon zest, and strawberries.

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