5 new year perpetrators headache

New years eve is a time of fun and good mood. But some of it is associated with headache and migraines. Indeed, a number of factors leading to headache, during this time increases.

These are the most common causes:

1. The alcohol. When you hear so many wonderful toast, it is easy to exceed their customary rate, and the next morning you Wake up with a painful headache. Not to bring ourselves to such a state, alternate alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks or make weak cocktails.

2. Stress. Despite new year's troubles, a good rest is still needed by your body.

3. The smell of pine needles. The scents of pine and cinnamon, bring joy and new year mood in some people cause headaches. If this is about you, try to avoid sources of these odors.

4. Festive food. Certain foods can cause headaches, while others can to ease it. If you suffer from migraines, avoid red wine, beer, chocolate, cheese, sauerkraut, salami. Your allies: spinach, tofu, oatmeal, fish oil, olive oil, white beans, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds.

If you want to avoid headaches during the holidays, taking care of Christmas fun should not contradict care about your health.

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