5 million Britons suffer from the fear of santehniki

British researchers found that approximately 5 million people from the British population suffer from the disease oikodomophobia - phobia, characterized by unreasonable fear of artisans. Those with this phobia people sweaty hands difficulty breathing and body covered with cold sweat, if they passed to deal with builders, santehniki, electricians. The most number of patients observed in the field of advertising, banking and recruitment.

About 30 percent of people admitted that they feel scared, mainly because I do not know the technical terms of their trade and do not know what price to pay for the work.

One of the four men is recognised that does the necessary work or calls to friends, but try as little as possible to contact the professionals plumbers or electricians because of fear.

Researchers have coined the term oikodomophobia in 2006, taking the basis of the Greek language, where oikodomo denotes the Builder.

At the same time 25 men don't profess to be able to change a blown light bulb.

Our men is the newly minted mental illness is not threatened, because the technician to change a light bulb, can be Rasanen as the disease is serious and sincere.

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