5 may, the international day of the midwife

Assistant Director-General who made an official statement on may 5, the day when all the midwives of the world celebrate their professional holiday.

This is important not only for doctors, but for all families, day, the world Health Organization to congratulate all members of this great and responsible profession that helps to be born good people.

Every year during childbirth die 350 thousand women, and 3, 6 million newborns, it is often in the hands of midwives is a chance to save the baby and the mother when dangerous childbirth. But equally important skill of the midwife - the ability to create comfortable conditions of the mother during childbirth. Full respect for the miracle of birth, the profession gives joy to thousands of families around the world. However, analysis of the latest statistics on maternity hospitals in the world have shown that not all countries obstetric services are provided at the proper level. Who intends to start direct investment in the education of physicians and obstetricians. By 2015 day midwives will be held under the auspices of the slogan: "Today the world needs midwives more than ever", international organization, I hope until this year to provide countries with a framework for the training of qualified specialists in this field, and to learn first generation of skilled professionals.

Recall that according to sociological research among medical personnel in Russia, about one third of the midwives are not satisfied with your position and would like to improve their professional status than nurses.

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