To lose weight is relatively easy, especially in the beginning. But to fix the result and to keep the weight off – a problem with which to cope, not everyone. With food you need to build a proper relationship, so consider nutrition and give you 5 simple tips for weight loss.

5 little known ways to get rid of excess weight

Very often we break down and overeat during strong emotional experiences. Break UPS and weddings, birthdays and meetings with friends we used to accompany an extensive meal, seeing it as a necessity.

You need to give yourself the opportunity to feel emotions and not try to jam them. Negative emotions are also experiences, and unhealthy food will not help him to survive. Experts recommend before eating to remind ourselves and others at least one pleasant fact or event. Studies show that this rule significantly reduces the need for food.

Most diets prohibit the use of a range of products. Forbid quite. Chocolate is impossible, the sausage sandwich is impossible, for the figure cakes dangerous, any other cakes, too. And despite all these prohibitions, people fall off the diet and begin to gain weight.

There is a book "Weight loss begins in the mind" of the French psychotherapist Gerard Appellatur. The author advises to cease to divide food into forbidden and permitted. Any product that, in his opinion, may eventually become a source of positive emotions and useful substances.

Tasty and nutritious desserts is not as harmful as they say the nutritionists. There is only sweet to the very end of the meal, after the main dishes. Still useful to keep track of your feelings. Remember, by increasing the servings of sweet in your mouth does not become sweeter. If it turns out not restrain themselves, analyze their behavior that ultimately drove you to overeat?

Communication with loved ones, new acquaintances, regular positive experiences and overall satisfaction from life. All this is necessary to every person, especially those who are dieting, because dieting is stressful.

Lack of communication, according to psychologists, is one of the main causes of overeating. Talk to friends or exchange a few words with the seller of the grocery Department is an emotional food that is necessary for the person not less, than physical food.

Increase the emotionality of their lives. If emotions are not enough, fear not, agree to the gamble, which had long dreamed of. Wanted to jump with a parachute? It's time! To learn how to dance? Today is the best day, most dance studios are working into the night!

"The lack of beauty can cause illness. People are very sensitive aesthetically, experience in the ugly environment depression and discomfort... Life in a bad environment with bad people is a pathogenic factor" - Abraham Maslow, psychologist.

Minor things shape our attitude to life. A sudden trip to a concert, nice music in the headphones, the cleanliness and comfort at home, love and attention from loved ones. Each of these factors increase self-esteem and reduces the chance of overeating. Love yourself, and the world will love you back!

Again, there is no relationship between the amount eaten and taste dishes. We find really hard to resist the temptation to order the biggest portion of your favorite food. But we should not build illusions, large amounts of food will only lead to obesity but not to the feeling of happiness. Even if satisfaction from huge plates of fried potatoes and comes, know that feeling about.

Man, like any other animal, tend to consume more high-calorie foods. There is another rule. The more we eat fatty and fried, the less it brings us pleasure. The dependence on junk food similar to drug addiction. The more a person weighs and eats, the more he wants fat and sweet.

Should re-examine their relationship to food. It is better to take a small but exquisite dessert than a huge portion of something vague but very sweet. To consolidate habit will help rituals.

Try not to impose at once the whole plate of food. Take a small portion. Eat it and wait 10-15 minutes. If the feeling of hunger had passed, take a little bit of food, a main dish this time, you can replace a fruit or vegetable salad. Listen to your body and it will tell you thank you for it.

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