5 diseases that are treated only in Russia

There are a number of diagnoses that Russian doctors are perceived as a call to action. However, in the vast majority of countries, data pathology for disease are not considered, i.e., treatment and hospitalization is not required.

Dystonia is on the first place among the "Russian" diagnoses. Its manifestations can include anything from dizziness to stabbing pains in the heart. Many blamed on vegetovascular dystonia sensitivity to weather. However, each of the symptoms can be regarded as a separate factor, which requires an individual approach.

Dysbiosis in most developed countries is perceived as a serious and dangerous diagnosis, which is extremely rare. However, pharmaceutical companies selling supplements "from dysbacteriosis was able to convince many doctors and patients, this disease is and to call it anything.

Osteochondrosis - pathology, which describe almost all problems with the spine. In fact, the concept of osteochondrosis you can invest a minimum of three clinical diagnosis: herniated discs, inflammation of the muscles and ligaments, fibromyalgia. Every disease is treated by special methods.

Lowered immunity. Another trend, which is supported by pharmaceutical companies. Pharmacies are happy to sell drugs for immunity at inflated prices. Demand creates supply. While consensus on the benefits of pharmaceutical Immunostimulants no. Only a healthy lifestyle and natural ways of strengthening the immune system can be strengthened for real.

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The deposition of salts. "People diagnosed, behind which lurk osteoarthritis and osteoarthritis. However, the salt if they do not play any role.

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