5 ailments during pregnancy

You've always wanted to become a mother and now finally the moment has come. You are pregnant and very happy. But with pregnancy come not only pleasant and positive emotions, but there is another side. It is not as colorful as you would like. Pregnancy is accompanied by certain diseases and health problems. Here we'll talk.

The first and most common problem during pregnancy is morning sickness. He expressed a number symptom: morning nausea, weakness, fatigue, but often by the end of the first trimester the morning sickness passes. But it is not fatal, you're not the only one. Of course, not all have the same fate. There are some exceptions. Most importantly remember that you need to eat little but often, eat what you want, do not force yourself to eat what you don't like, only because it is useful.

The second important is varicose veins. Because hormones there are some changes in the pregnant woman's body, weaken the walls of the veins, increased venous pressure which occurs varicose. The reasons are manifold, it is as heredity, obesity and insufficient physical activity. Actually exercise during pregnancy is not unimportant. Exercise, it will help you and in childbirth and later recovery.

The third disease is heartburn. Heartburn affects almost all pregnant women. Sometimes it lasts up to the birth from morning till evening. But not always. And if so, then sooner or later you get used to it. First, remember that the diet should be clean fresh bread, sweet, sour, bitter, soda and coffee. As well as frequent meals in small portions, after a meal walk a bit.

Still pregnant too exciting, irritable and nervous. Hormone status of pregnant affects her state of the Central nervous system. In the beginning all the way around, you are lethargic , inattentive, not attentive. This is normal. Thus the body is configured to future changes that await him in the future.

But with the growth of the baby is growing and panic my mother. She starts to worry about what awaits it in the future, how it will be. It is not surprising that her mind cannot bear, and sometimes there is irritability and nervousness. It gets too exciting, can start from scratch. You are like a match one: movement and all. This is wrong. Try to control yourself and to keep in balance. All will be well.

Well, there will be swelling. Over time, the engagement ring begins to push, shoes becomes small and the weight is constantly growing not evenly or very large, in an average week you should get 300g. In this case, limit yourself in the fluid, fried and salty foods. Give your feet a rest, give up heels and narrow shoes. Not bad would have been a foot massage at the end of the day.

But all it can to survive and endure. For the sake of the miracle that is happening to you right now all this stuff. Passed through it is not the one you eat and medical ways to help you. Go to a specialist for help and you will be fine.

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