40 percent of the cases of cancer caused by viruses

Scientists from the Carolingian Institute in Sweden claim that 40 percent of cancer cases are caused by viruses. This discovery may be fundamental for the development of vaccines against this disease.

Scientists have identified a link between viral medulloblastoma and the most common form of brain tumor. Two years ago it was found that aggressive skin cancer develops from polimi that people can get from animals.

Additionally, hepatitis b and C often causes liver cancer, and the HPV leads to cervical cancer, it is possible the emergence of prostate cancer due to viruses.

Nobel laureate Harald Zur Hausen said that viruses can cause cancer of the breast, bowel and lung.

However, prior to the development of the vaccine should still have a lot of time. If scientists can understand how viruses stimulate the development of cancer, they will be able to configure the immune system of patients to destroy infected or cancerous cells. According to the theory of cancer-causing viruses can remain latent in the body for many years, not allowing the cells to recover without mutations.

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