40% of Russians suffer from chronic diseases

Statistics published by the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation, says that 40% of Russians have a chronic disease. Every fourth person is more at risk of development of diseases of the cardiovascular system.

During 2013 we inspected 34,6 million people, including 14.1 million children. According to a survey, 80% of children are in the first and second health group. About 44% of the adult population suffer from chronic diseases non-infectious nature, 23% have an increased risk of cardio-vascular system (heart attacks, strokes, angina).

Note, in 2013 heart disease and blood vessels were detected in each of the 12th man, about 1% suffered from respiratory diseases, 0,1% - oncological pathology. Experts agree that urgent action is needed for the prevention and treatment of somatic diseases. The main thing is the formation and popularization of healthy lifestyle among the population.

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