4 the most frequent causes of headaches

Headache beach person anthropogenic century. Millions of people around the world complain of frequent headaches. And painkillers are not always help. What is the cause of headaches? What are the methods of dealing with this scourge?

Every doctor knows that the fight should not deal with the symptoms and the root causes. Causes of headache is not too much - these are the main ones.

1. The migraine.

This sudden emergence of a headache so strong that it completely removes the person from operating state. Any movement, especially sharp, responds to severe pain. Often accompanied by nausea and painful perception of a bright light.

Causes of migraines a lot. For some, sleep deprivation and excessive consumption of these stimulating drinks like coffee. Other enough to go outside in the bright Sunny day and observe the reflected glare on various glossy surfaces.

If you suffer from migraine - be sure to consult a neurologist for a consultation. So you will be able to identify the type of migraine, you suffer, and to find a way of dealing with it.

In addition, a good helper in the fight against migraine is vitamin B2. It is contained in the non-fatty milk, mushrooms and asparagus. Using sufficient amounts of these foods in your diet, you can improve the metabolism in the cells of the brain and to some extent to protect against migraines.

2. The hormones.

Headache cause, which are the hormones that are very similar to the pain of migraine. However, in this case for some other reason - lack of estrogen. The production of the body of this female hormone depends on the amount of magnesium you consume. A woman should 455 mg of magnesium per day. It can be eating sweet potatoes, bananas, spinach, beets, and sunflower seeds and sesame seeds.

3. The tension.

If you feel that your neck muscles are tense, you squeezes whiskey head and pulled something similar to the iron Hoop is the result of overexertion. You need to relax.

In addition, it is desirable to add to your diet foods that contain coenzyme Q10, which is such a delicious and healthy foods like broccoli and cauliflower, as well as in meat tuna, quail and chicken eggs.

4. The common cold.

From colds to headaches causes dehydration. In this case, you must drink plenty of fluids. The most suitable types of fluid will be herbal tea and regular green tea.

You can also use honey, which must be dissolved in warm water. There you can add ginger and mint. A great choice will be the compote of dried fruits - especially homemade.

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