4 the most common deadly diseases

Doctors who strongly warn people to take preventive measures against the four major killer diseases worldwide. These diseases are not infections, heart disease, cancer, lung disease and diabetes. Together they are only in 2008 pogibli 36 million people. 48 percent of deaths occurring in heart disease, 21 - death from cancer, 12 with chronic lung disease, and 3 diabetes. It is the fact that most of these diseases can be prevented - quit Smoking, start doing exercises for the heart, switch to a healthier diet.

In countries with low-income people are three times more likely to die because of one of these diseases. In 2008, the world Health Organization has issued guidance to countries on tobacco policy and proposed in each country to monitor tobacco use, as well as to provide support in quitting, but with 1080 x, the average blood pressure, body mass index and cholesterol levels in people grew.

Surprisingly, struck the whole world diseases such as HIV, AIDS, and common gastrointestinal disease, have 2, 46 million deaths, while the number of people who died from diseases that they could themselves be prevented, much higher.

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