4% of people in the world die from a sedentary lifestyle

Almost every 20-th person dies due to a sedentary lifestyle. Hard to believe, but it is the lack of mobility carries for 433 thousand lives a year. This is indicated by the results of the study, researchers from the University of são Paulo in Brazil.

The study itself took ten years. According to the data obtained, the average person spends in a chair four hours every day. In most countries, the figure is approaching five o'clock.

With all this, the sitting position is not the most natural. It slows down the metabolic processes, blood flow in the body. Uncomfortable chairs, and prolonged sitting leads to bad posture and back pain.

There is a fairly simple solution that will help to maintain health. It's time to start working standing up. Now it is easy to find tables with adjustable height. Many large companies, this is already not the first year.

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