3D and 4D ultrasound in pregnancy

It is difficult to overestimate the importance of ultrasound in pregnancy. Due to the widespread use of ultrasound can identify pathology of the fetus, to identify some genetic diseases even in small terms. In addition, during the ultrasound, you can see the features of pregnancy has particular women, to diagnose multiple pregnancy, polyhydramnios, the correct position of the fetus, placenta previa. All this allows to reduce maternal mortality in childbirth and to reduce the number of children with congenital anomalies and deformities.

However, not all abnormalities are manifested at the same time, so ultrasound is done to a pregnant woman several times: in 12-14 weeks 21-24 weeks, and at 32-34 weeks is the last ultrasound. Conventional ultrasound, unfortunately, gives a lot of errors and imperfect. Not all the details of fetal development and pregnancy able to identify a "flat" picture!

In the modern world are deeply embedded 3D and 4D technology, they could not ignore and medicine, for example, now a woman can use 3d 4d ultrasound by request. With 3D ultrasound fetus is visible in the form of three-dimensional images that can be considered in a three-dimensional image. This allows you to identify a greater range of possible problems and pathologies.

At a later time in case of 3D study can be seen unborn child in great detail (on the screen visible to the fingers of the hands and feet, eyes, mouth, ears). You can even see the future baby opens the mouth, moves the limbs, frowning.

More "advanced" method 4D ultrasound. In this case, the image can be rotated, which will see the fruit on all sides. This survey allows us to identify almost any pathology, ready to solve possible problems during childbirth. 4D study will help to more thoroughly prepare parents for the birth of a son or daughter. Yes, mistakes in sex determination in this method is almost impossible, because the fetus can "rotate". 4D ultrasound is currently the most informative type of ultrasound examination of pregnant women.

Not be amiss and the presence of the Pope on these surveys. Observation of the child's development helps men to prepare for the role of the father, and to realize that soon the family will be too.

In memory of my mother and the unborn baby can take some pictures. This unusual photo will grace any family album. Let your baby know when you grow up, what he was before your birth!

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