3.6 million people will die in 2050 due to lack of oxygen

Experts said that due to poor environment a quarter of the population of the Planet Earth may perish. The lack of oxygen will be the main reason for the destruction of mankind. The second "honorable" a water of poor quality, and closes the list of major concerns for the future of mankind poor sanitary conditions. These disappointing data given in the report of the international Organization for economic cooperation and development (OECD).

"For the past four decades can manifest the consequences of the irresponsibility of modern man. Due to the high concentrations in the urban air of dust - doubling of mortality from diseases of the upper respiratory tract and lungs. And if you don't do anything, these diseases will be carried out each year, about 3.6 million people," the voice forecasts of experts of the OECD.

Today, according to them, the poor environmental situation in India and China. But there are some countries that will soon be approaching critical to similar measures.

International experts pointed attention not only to the lack of oxygen, but the unavailability of fresh water, which is also the world will face in the near future. This problem in the case of dehydration of the planet in the first place will affect Africa (southern and Northern part of the mainland), as well as Asian countries.

Electricity by 2050 will cost not cheaper than water because its demand will increase by 80%. Trying to meet the needs of the population of the country-the owners of natural fuel resources will be used to the maximum that will cause more frequent emissions of greenhouse gases (1.5 times) and as a result of a significant deterioration in air quality.

"We are already at the threshold of overfishing. The problem of water scarcity the most familiar is also not hearsay. Such phenomena independently of each other does not occur, and this should be taken into account," said angel Gurria, Secretary General of the OECD. "The main reason for these problems lies in the plane of the poverty of the citizens of countries who can't afford no food, no electricity," he continued A. gurría, offering to form a single Supervisory authority over the economy of all countries of the world.

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