32% of religious people are suffering from obesity

Religion and a set of extra pounds - related. The study found that middle-aged people who attend sermons and participate in Church services, are more susceptible to weight gain.

Scientists have long been interested in the relationship between religion and health. American scientists from northwestern University in Chicago have been able to establish this similarity. However, while they can't find an explanation for this phenomenon. They still managed to find a social group, in which participants are more prone to set extra pounds than others. According to the survey, 32 percent of people who regularly attend Church, forty years suffered from excessive body weight. At the same time, the percentage of people who did not attend Church ceremonies, but also had problems with being overweight, was only 22%.

At the moment scientists have one hypothesis. They believe that the study of God's Word and long prayers, demanding life measured image. In addition, not all food traditions in religions are useful. For example, often after mass, the Church members together at the table, which happens to be filled with sweets and dessert, and Church holidays hearty and fatty meals.

Paradoxically, despite obesity, religious people differ in good health. Here scientists see the connection with the Smoking ban imposed in some religions.

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