32 hours in the day, or how to tame the time

Modern life leaves us less and less likely to keep up your own schedule. Everyone knows the feeling of despair when you cannot find time even on the most urgent business. People suffering from time shortage, similar to shoot mice, useless running on the wheel. However, with the problem you need to fight! Here are a few simple tips, which day will be the equivalent of at least thirty-two hours.

1. Start with the most unpleasant tasks. The French claim that every morning you need to eat a live toad - then the whole day will be a feeling that the worst is already behind us. Of course, few people are attracted to such drastic measures, but the grain of truth in this idea there. If you do what you least want to do, then at the end perform unpleasant duties, the work will go much faster.

2. Don't let nothing steal your watch. Why do some not have time to do even half of the daily allowance of work, while others manage to study, work, exercise, teach parallel two foreign languages and research the work of Impressionists, while having a great feeling? The whole secret lay in the fact that the higher a person puts the bar, the more force. Each of us has what we would like when you have to learn. So why not now?

3. Not occupy ourselves with useless things. Namely: do not overdo it with the previous recommendation. Do only what you really need. Don't teach peculiarities of the Chinese language in Liaoning province, if only not going to go there.

4. Rational use hours of waiting. In transport, in turn, in case of a late friend to meet you too, to do something! For example, always wear a small volume of fiction. This method of carotene time to positively affect your health, because no one likes useless to waste precious moments.

5. Reduce phone calls and correspondence to a minimum. Approximately one-sixth of the days we spend on absolutely aimless conversation. Speak only in the case, use the only means of communication in order to clarify information or to arrange a meeting. Every time someone speak, ask yourself: "do I really want to waste your time on this man?". In the end, with the closest people to see, and with other people - not to have spiritual conversations.

6. Get pleasure from what you are doing. Constantly remember what benefit you bring to the present occupation; as is known, the result is the best incentive.

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