30 years of his life man devotes himself to the view screens

TVs and all sorts of devices with screens together take almost 30 years of life. To this opinion of the scientists of one of the British universities.

According to their calculations, every day people spend an average of 9 hours from any screen that is 63 hours a week and 274 hours per month. If you take that average life expectancy is 80 years, it turns out that in front of screens man spends 262 800 hours, i.e. 10950 days, which is 30 years of life.

Another study has found Britain a country where most of all spending time before no matter what screen, be it TV or monitor from your computer.

In addition, in recent years social networks have become increasingly popular, and as a result of this trend, the children began to spend as much time on the Internet as adults. Added to this the time spent watching television.

Out that children, along with adults, spend the same amount of time on the Internet, which has a negative impact on their psyche, as the child's mind is still quite fragile and easily susceptible to various external irritant.

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