With such an ambitious statement was made by experts from the American company Humai. Freezing of the brain and further organ transplantation in bionic body will allow you to get a second life, scientists say. Yet no concrete plans. Under assumptions of employees of Humai, the first bionic body will be able to create until 2045.

To slow down the aging process of the human body – a dead-end branch of medicine, says Josh Bocanegra, the project author and businessman from the United States. It sure it is for a brain transplant is the future of longevity. It remains only to solve the technical side of the question and develop the medicine to the desired level. Considering that just 100 years ago infection a bacterial infection meant death, and now these diseases are easily treated with antibiotics, the statement of Bocanera sounds pretty convincing.

Will require a lot of effort and financial investment, no doubt about that. At successful coincidence of circumstances can appear the first method of the resurrection of man. While that dream the head of the company Humai sound like the plot of a science fiction novel.

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