30 countries by 2030 will lose the young people

A late-life crisis grips Europe, Canada and Japan. By 2016 there is a strong bias towards the older population. This happens because of the increasing longevity of people and low fertility rates. If in Asian countries the norm is 2 kids from the family, and more, in Europe most families limited to one baby. The natural decline and ageing countries are the main challenges faced by Japan, France, Italy, Germany and many other countries. Scientists say that by 2030 the problem will overtake Russia, Armenia and China.

The problem not only threatens the countries of Africa. There while the situation is reversed. The population of most countries is actively growing, and vital resources are not enough.

According to assumptions of experts, in 2075 the world population will exceed 10 billion people. The number of older people will be higher than children. By 2010, it is possible, when two elderly will be born only three kids.

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