30 cans of beer can help to overcome the virus pneumonia

Japanese scientists from the Medical University of Sapporo it was proved that one of the ingredients of beer helps to fight colds in the winter. Substance called humulon kills respiratory syncytial virus colds and prevents inflammation.

Jun, Fujimoto noted that such respiratory syncytial virus can cause pneumonia and breathing problems in young children. Now still no vaccine against this virus, beginner to act in the cold season. Soft drinks with gomologom are among the planned production company Sapporo Breweries.

This is not the first mention of scientists about the beneficial properties of beer. In November, the company's commercial Director Heinken - Alexis Nasard officially announced beer is good for health product. This drink contains a relatively small number of calories and, at the same time, has in its composition a sufficient amount of silicon needed for the development and growth of bones together with connective tissue. The intake of this substance lowers the risk of osteoporosis.

However, experts warn that excessive beer consumption can cause weight loss, dehydration and other problems. Although humulon and contained in beer, its concentration in the beverage extraordinary small. It is estimated that in order to feel the effect of this substance you should drink at a time about 30 cans of beer.

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