2012 doctors ' salaries will depend on the complexity of the work

The first Deputy Minister of health Raisa Moiseenko said at the third scientific and practical conference of doctors of Ukraine, that next year the doctors ' salaries will depend on the complexity of work performed. Compared with the wages of workers in other industries salary of doctors is one of the lowest. However, next year within the framework of the reforms in some regions will begin a program of economic incentives of physicians on the scorecard.

Social justice in matters of pay will be restored, because its size will depend directly on the complexity of work and the quality of its implementation, and the level of education of a physician. Also, this step aims at enhancing the prestige of the profession of doctor.

Moiseenko also noted that next year, health workers will receive benefits for health improvement in the amount of salary when leaving on vacation. In 2010 the budget of Ukraine has pledged funds for this and also on a gradual increase of salaries of doctors by 13.5 percent.

Remains a big question, who and what criteria will define "complexity" of a particular medical specialty and what quality criteria will be assessed the effectiveness and professionalism of the doctor.

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