14-year-old resident of the UK with an incurable form of cancer got right to the cryopreservation of his body. She hopes that in the future, scientists will find a cure for her illness, will hold safe defrosting and will give a chance for a second life.

"I want to live and live longer. And I think that in the future they will be able to find a cure for my cancer and Wake me up. Cryopreservation gives me a chance to Wake up, even after hundreds of years," says the girl. Her name and other details were not disclosed. It is only known that the mother endorsed the idea of a teenager, and his father opposed this idea.

As a result, the girl asked the court to transfer the right to dispose of his mother's body. Oncology is not allowed to hold a meeting in the courthouse, so the procedure was carried out directly in the room. The very cryopreservation conducted in the USA. Its value currently stands at about 46 000 dollars.

Scientists look at the method of freezing bodies with skepticism. There is no way to unfreeze the body, and restore life to the cells.

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