14 June - the international blood Donor Day

The world Health Organization chose 14 June for the international celebration of the people who save lives and help to cure diseases, giving to the needy of his blood. On the day of the donor who will direct the public attention to the fact that hospitals always need donor blood stored in medical refrigerators stocks could save the lives of people who are accident or got seriously injured. However, at the moment in more than 80 countries hospitals are experiencing an acute shortage of donor blood, here a thousand people have only 10 donors. Within this day will be an annual campaign "Become a blood donor!".

Why You too should become a donor?

Because a very small portion of your blood can save a life. Most transfusions need women with complicated pregnancies, such as bleeding or an ectopic pregnancy, women need blood both before and during and after childbirth. Your blood can help children with severe forms of anemia. After disasters or car accidents, many have lost a lot of blood people need multilink transfusion of large volumes of blood. Cancer patients are waiting for your help, because it will save their lives!

Your blood will be used for the manufacture of products for blood clotting, which helps with hemophilia people to lead a full life.

For hospitals, it is important to obtain donor support, as suitable for transfusion blood only a short time after delivery. Blood is the most valuable gift you can give another person your decision to donate blood can save a life or even a few.

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We ask you not to wait donor Day, and start to donate blood from now on.

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