13-year-old girl with an IQ of Einstein was invited to Oxford University

Girl from Roma families plans to practice medicine. Her IQ is two points higher than that of albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking, two geniuses unconditional. In the test, the young talent scored 160 points, while the average for an adult is about 100 points.

My parents tried to send their children to school, but the nomadic way of life prevented the girl to get an education. Mother always suspected her daughter's talent for training and a high level of scholarship. Already two years Nicole Barr solved simple puzzles, and ten dealt with equations in algebra. Favorite book Nicole – "a brief history of time" by Stephen Hawking.

Nicole likes acting art and mathematics, however her life she wants to associate with medicine. The described case indicates the presence of innate learning ability and some talent from nature. However, calling is only a small part of what is required to achieve results. Much more so diligence and motivation to do their work.

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