124 dead Dolphin was found on the coast of the five States in the U.S. for the last 1.5 months

A large part found on the East coast of the U.S., 124 Dolphin in such a short period is the excess of the average annual seven times. The vast majority were found already dead. Only seven were found alive, but they soon died.

At the moment, scientists are unable to determine the cause of so much death. Some individuals found the infection, others have severe damage to the respiratory system, especially the lungs. The General cause of death today is not installed.

Scientists make the assumption that the mass death of dolphins and fish mortality in the state of new Jersey may be associated. Since the dead dolphins can be carriers of the infection, the authorities are asked to touch them and immediately report their discovery.

Unfortunately, such cases are most rarely investigated.

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Dolphins are aquatic mammals that are agile and mobile in the aquatic environment. They eat usually fish and shellfish. Sometimes attack other dolphins. Famous for good learning and good relationships with people.

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