100 silicone injections for the biggest lips in the world

Russian girl Christina ray spent over 6 thousand dollars ( about 200 thousand rubles) per 100 injections of silicone, which made it the possessor of the world's largest lips. In her youth she believed that thin lips disfigure her, so I decided to expand them, that they resembled the lips of her favorite character - Jessica Rabbit.

Each injection cost the girl about 2 thousand rubles, and although the procedure is quite painful, a young resident of St. Petersburg says that it will not stop anything.

"I think my lips look fantastic, I'm happy. Although sometimes me and tease over the lip on the street, I want to go on and look like the cartoon character", says Christina.

Christine never had a boyfriend, and she understands what looks funny to some people, but she believes that the most important thing is to please yourself. She likes when her shot on mobile phones. The girl claims that the lips do not hinder her nor there, neither sing nor even kissing.

The owner of the lips is not going to stop, it also plans to increase the chest up to size DD and change the shape of the nose, ears as she wants to make sharp as an elf.

"There is nothing wrong with that people were different," she said.

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