10-year-old boy wants to eat for the first time in my life

Live in Australia 10-year-old boy named Erdem Think that never in all his life could not eat all the food in his body goes through a drip.

The fact that at the age of mesyatsev doctors found out that he has a cyst in the gut and cut out a large part of the intestine for the sake of saving a child's life. The Erdem was diagnosed with short bowel syndrome, and food in his body since then enters through the tube only in liquid form.

The boy has and its joys, once a week he can take one piece of the chips, though two pieces will lead to complications and cramps in the abdomen. Although the boy is allowed to try once a week and other sweets - candies or other sweets, he dreams of treats with the flavor of chicken.

In the course of his life Erdem went through seven operations. Doctors worried about the future of the boy, so as to restore him to his normal life can only transplantation of the intestine. In Australia the operation of this complexity has not yet been conducted, however, its successful outcome after a couple of years, the boy will be able to return to a completely normal life.

However, in the world practice there are successful examples of such operations. This year, doctors from the USA transplanted nine year old girl intestines, and in the total number of six organs ( spleen, liver, stomach, pancreas, esophagus).

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