10 secrets of longevity

For anybody not a secret that almost all people on earth dream of living happily ever after. "Recipe for happiness" every man his own, but the secrets of longevity are passed from one generation to another generation. These 10 rules longevity will help you not only live longer, but may make your life better.

1) eat Properly. Daily consumption of foods containing large amounts of proteins, carbohydrates, minerals, as well as potassium, phosphorus, iron, improve digestion, and thus provide stable operation of the body.

2) Expose yourself to physical exercise. Daily exercise helps to fight obesity and prevent cardiovascular disease.

3) laugh Often. Scientists have found that seven minutes of daily laughter prolong life by as much as four years.

4) do Not spare their blood. This is especially true for men. They, becoming donors are much less likely to suffer from heart disease.

5) as often As possible are in the circle of his family. This gives peace of mind, normalizes blood pressure and helps to fight alcohol dependence.

6) Dance. Dancing is very good for health. They help to burn extra calories (about 400 calories per hour), normalize blood circulation and improve your mood.

7) If you are unmarried, then get married! The study, which was conducted more than 15 years, has shown that married men live on average 3-4 years longer than unmarried.

8) do Not pay attention to public opinion. The less you think about what you say neighbors, colleagues and so on, the less your body to cope with stress. And the calmer nervous system of the body, the longer its life.

9) always learn something new. Many centenarians constantly start to do something new for myself (dancing, learning foreign languages, playing musical instruments, yoga, and so on). They demand to be brought to an end and positive mood, which undoubtedly affects the whole body.

10) Sleep regularly, but in moderation. Scientists have proven that sleep need not less, but not more than 7 hours per day. Lack of sleep leads to fatigue, headaches and impaired functioning of the nervous system. And those who for too long sleeps, ceases to circulate the blood, which has a detrimental impact on health.

There is another important, and possibly the most important secret of longevity: love yourself! Engage in Hobbies, are in the company of dear people, take care of your body, enjoy every new day! And then your life will surely be long and happy!

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