A few simple rules and your life will become more conscious. We have compiled the most common tips that every passing day brought positive emotions.

10 habits for a happy and conscious life

Enough peresvodili alarm clock and turn it off! If you have decided that will be on Saturday at 7:00, do it. Recognize, first will be difficult. But then the rise of the clock will become a habit, and awakening will be a pleasant and natural process.

Not to sleep, enough to go to bed on time. Don't get to sleep early? Try walking before going to sleep. So you not only stretch your muscles but will also spill out the leftover energy to get it again.

Enough for one month daily to perform a number of actions to become a habit. Alarm clock, morning hygiene, shower, charging, choosing the suitable clothes.

Stop getting together in a hurry. Give yourself enough time to freshen up and Wake myself up.

The most difficult to accustom themselves to the daily charge. However, turning physical exercise into your morning routine (in a good way), you just won't be able to without them.

Simply 5-10 minutes a day when you can be alone with yourself. Can meditate immediately after going to the shower to gather my thoughts. We have weaned to be in silence. It is time to return the lost habits.

Listen to yourself, to your emotions. Try to find the source of their problems. Perhaps that silence will make it easier.

Just five minutes of mediation a day, and thoughts will come to order. Try starting your day with moments of peace and quiet to set yourself up for a day of discovery.

Food for thought – great. But forget about a balanced diet is not worth it. It is best to eat at the same time.

Many do not have time to eat every day freshly prepared meals. There is nothing to worry. Highlight of the weekend for a couple of hours to make your favorite food. Much of this can be frozen and if necessary, reheat in the microwave. Enough to live from snack to snack, start to eat properly!

Free in 10-15 minutes, you can check social networks, watch a video of kittens on YouTube. Or to teach a foreign language, to read a scientific article, work out music or painting.

Stop wasting your time on useless things. Use free time with benefit!

Instead of the funny videos you can watch clips from the popular science channels, telling about complicated things in simple language. Is the next check private messages find a pen PAL in a foreign language and write him an email.

Your free time should belong only to you. No need to waste it on work. Appreciate the rest and use these moments of life in his pleasure.

The weekend is a great time to hike in the Park, meeting friends or going to cafes. Haven't called my parents or grandmother? Talk to them about anything and not worry how much time is spent on.

Organize your leisure, and lying on the couch watching TV, though this option seems so alluring. All human life is a set of emotions. So get them!

Financial problems bring a lot of headaches. To the stress of no money, learn how to use them. It's not that hard.

Get a table or a text document, which will take into account all income and expenses. It's easier to see where large sums disappear. Adjust the budget based on the collected information, if required.

Find out how much money is spent on rent, food, entertainment. It's easier to understand, or there is no possibility to buy something, to go on holiday to the sea or to get second higher education.

People is the best way of gaining experience. Try to expand your circle of acquaintances. Here are a few options.

In any major city has clubs. You can learn dancing or doing business. Or to engage in historical reconstruction and to meet with fans of his case.

The more acquaintances and friends, the wider your horizons. From any person can gain invaluable experience.

Need to sleep at least eight hours a day. Enough rest is the basis of high performance of the day.

That is why doctors do not recommend to stay the night in social networks and online games. Get away to bed early, and the body will tell you thank you very much.

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